About Karen

I graduated from Wimbledon College of Art (now part of the [link url=””%5DUniversity of the Arts London[/link]) back in 2002 with a Masters in Printmaking, then taking part in the Returning Artists Scheme in Wimbledon for two years until leaving London in 2004 for Sunny Manchester.

Whilst at Wimbledon my work centred around found imagery & objects along with a heavy dash of photography both colour and black & white of city scapes and urban environments with a recent backpacking trip across the US giving me plenty of source material to start with.

I also indulged in digital media & manipulation: creating new images from multiple originals, degrading images down into something almost abstract, scanning, copying, printing, collaging then putting it all through the mill again. I never felt like I quite found what I was looking for.


After leaving London, printmaking & collage took a back seat to photography, especially when I went digital!

Fast forward a couple of years and I still wasn’t able to put my finger on it, so I went to night school to learn photography properly. It was here that I fell back in love with analogue and subsequently bought a Holga Medium Format Camera that I have used for the [link type=”galleries” id=”238142″]Multiplicity[/link] Project (a project I started for my college course) – the layering up of images through

multiple exposures was exactly the type of effect that I was trying to create back at Wimbledon. The Multiplicity project is ongoing (for almost 2 years), I have recently been experimenting with creating the images partially digitally but for now, the photos on this site are all straight from the negative.

In 2009 I joined [link url=””%5DHot Bed Press[/link] open print studios in Salford, and I am now taking these ghostly urban landscapes further into a series of photographic etchings.

Alongside the Multiplicity Project my website also contains a selection of past print work from 2000 onwards, alongside travel, documentary & urban landscape photography.

Prints can be ordered through this site, with photographs being available in a range of sizes (additional sizes & prices on request) but limited to a run of no more than 25 prints per image/size. Most etchings & silkscreens are limited editions of 10 or less.


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